How It Works👚🧺

1). Select How Many Pcs Of Clothing You Would Like to Send To Panda House. 🐼🎍

2.) Schdule An Availble Pickup Time.🕐🗓️

3.) Set Your Laundry Out Upon Your Doorstep For Pickup.🧺👚


Laundry Done For You At An Affordable Price!

Here At Washi Wash 💗 We Wash, Dry, & Fold Your Laundry For You Starting at $10.00 for 20pcs of Clothing. We Provide Free Pickup & Delivery. We Hope Our Service Is Able To Take Away Stress & Save You Time, As Well As Peace of Mind Knowing That You And Your Clothes Are Cared For! 👔🧺

Our Services Are Great For

🐼 Those That Do Not Have A Washing Machine In Home or Apartment.

🐼 Those That Are To Busy To Tend To Their Laundry Themselves.

🐼 Those Who Don't Like Folding/Washing Their Own Clothes.

(We Are More Than Happy To Do It All For You!) 💗😆