• Do you wash large items like pillows & bed sheets?

Yes! We even wash rugs! As long as you believe it to be machine washable fabric, we will wash it and it will be considered 1 single pc. per item.

Example: 2 Pillows = 2pcs

1 Bed Sheet = 1pc

  • Do I have to separate lights & darks?

Of Course Not! That Is Our Job! We Take Care Of Everything For You! 

We separate laundry into 4 categories and 3 sub categories.


🤍 Whites



Sub categories are




💗 Air Dry

  • Do you air or hang dry Items?

Yes! We Hang Dry certain items especially if requested but will do it regardless if we believe the item is too delicate to be machine dried.

  • What do I put my clothes out in for pickup?

You may use whatever you like! Whether it be a plastic bag/sack or a laundry basket. Our driver will collect your clothes in whatever you provide.

🐼 If in a plastic sack we will take the entire sack.

🐼 If in a personal laundry basket we will collect your clothes and leave your laundry basket empty in front of your door.

🐼 Your clothing will be returned unto you in a sealed box or weather proof poly bag with our labels! 📦💗🎍

  • When will I receive my laundry after pickup?

We Re-Deliver Your Clean Laundry Within 24-48hrs or 1-2days After Initial Pickup All Folded and Washed! 💗🧺

  • What days do you pickup & deliver?

7 Days A Week! Just Click On What Day & Find An Available Time Slot & We've Got You Covered! 🛵💨

  • Do I have to be home for pickups & deliveries?

No, You Do Not! Just Simply Leave Your Laundry On Your Doorstep & Once Picked Up or Delivered You Will Receive A Text Message or Push Notification Letting You Know We've Been To See You! 📳

  • What if its raining on the day of my pickup or redelivery?

No Worries! For Pickup we recommend you set your items under a dry place if you can!

🐼For Laundry basket🧺 we recommend to cover your laundry basket with a plastic bag.

🐼If you are using a kitchen sack then please make sure to tie it shut.

🛵💨For delivery we will return your clean laundry either in a sealed box or a weather proof poly bag or both!

💗So don't worry your items will never become wet from rain or snow!

🌞Come rain or shine your clothes will always stay dry!😆

  • How will my clothes be folded?

We use 2 types of folding methods or techniques when folding our clients laundry.

1.) The Japanese style method invented by Marie Kondo known as the "Konmari Method."🏯

2.) The Traditional American Style. 🏈

Every client will receive their laundry with their clothes folded in a mix or combination of both the above methods. 👔

  • What water temperature will my clothes be washed in?

We wash all clothing in cold water unless specified in "special instruction" We automatically use cold water to wash because we believe it to be better for the economic environment! 🌏 But if you would like your items washed in hot water please let us know the end of your checkout process.

  • What laundry detergent will be used to wash my clothes?

We Use Tide, Arm & Hammer & Other American Name Brand Detergents That Are Deemed High Quality & The Best On The Current Market By Consumer Reports.

🐼The Same For Dryer Sheets To Give An Extra Scent Boost! 💗🎐

🐼 We also have hypoallergenic options as well! If would like this option please make sure to type it in the "special instruction" note box before checking out!

  • Would my clothes ever get mixed up with others?

No Never! ❌Upon Pickup All collected loads are labeled with your order number and kept together at all times and separate from others guaranteeing no risk of lost or unsanitary situations!

  • Do you Iron or offer dry cleaning?

So Sorry At The Moment We Do Not. 😔