Our Story

The owner of Washi Wash💗 Panda House🐼🎍 Laundry is a former housewife who was born and raised in the heart of Denton, Texas.

She is a native and a local to the city and hopes to serve the residence of her beloved hometown and so the idea to create Panda House Laundry came to her when she once accompanied her husband on a business trip and at the hotel they were staying at she saw a sheet of paper. It was a laundry service provided by the hotel.


She thought to herself! That must be wonderful to have your laundry taken care of for you!

Then she looked at the price list on the sheet…it felt like they nickel🪙l and dimed👛 the clients for every pc of item that had to be cleaned.

There has to be a better way she thought! And imagine if this could be a service available to everyone, not just those who stay in this hotel or for those that can afford it! 

What if there was a service that could save people time and money concerning their personal laundry, an affordable alternative to doing laundry yourself if you're a busy executive🏢⚖️👩🏻 of a company or a rushing mother of 3 trying to balance it all.

If a mother is too 🏃‍♀️💨 exhausted from fixing house🏡, cooking🍳and cleaning 🧹🧼🧽and looking after the kids🤱 at least this one little area in her life can be taken care of! 👚🧺

A service that everyone can relate to and benefit from! Everyone wears clothes and all clothes need to be cleaned!

But it also shouldn't cost an arm and a leg to get it done!

Some people don't have time to do it properly and some people flat out don't want to do it at all!

It would be great if there was someone who was able to "Take The Load Off," Another's Shoulder.

The desire to create such a company that will truly benefit all of those in the field of clothes! That’s where Washi Wash💗 Panda🐼🎍 House came from!

~Woman Led Woman Bred, Women Helping Women~ 💗