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Washi Wash💗 Panda🐼🎍 House Laundry

40pcs Load Pick Up🧺👚 Wednesday Time Slots

40pcs Load Pick Up🧺👚 Wednesday Time Slots

Giá thông thường $16.50 USD
Giá thông thường Giá bán $16.50 USD
Giảm giá Đã bán hết
Pickup Day 🗓️
Time 🕐

40pcs Load🧺👚 Wednesday Time Slots 🗓️🕐

~💗Recommended For Small To Medium Loads

🎍🐼The 40pcs Load is Also A #1 & Is A Popular Choice Amongst The Town For The Same Or Similar Reason As The 20pc.

💖It's Super Affordable!


💖 Is One Of The Best Options For Weekly Maintenance To Keep That Load From Piling Up On You! - (~💗This one is popular amongst couples or very small families since its double the 20pc💗) - still a perfect option for weekly maintenance from a pile build up!

👚All Loads will be Redelivered back to you with in 24 to 48hrs or 1 to 2 days from pickup!

👚Please have all loads outside doorstep 2 mins prior scheduled pickup time!

👚You will receive a text message or push notification when your load has been received and or redelivered  by the driver.

Thank you for using Washi Wash 💗💦 for your clothing care needs!

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